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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ten Things I Am Praying for My Students this Semester

1. A deep and consistent time in getting to know and trust God better; knowing that in asking that I am asking God to lead them through situations and circumstances that will stretch their faith.

2. A growing understanding that their worth is based not on their performance, but on what Christ has done in their lives so that their desire for excellence would grow out of gratitude and not from trying to prove they are better than others.

3. That they would be willing to ask themselves their inner motivations and ask God to purify what is not consistent with His will.

4. That they would realize that they are not studying for just a particular class, but for the development of discipline and life skills that God wants them to learn through the class.

5. That they would realize that there are no shortcuts to character development.

6. That learning the material, developing the skills, and relating to others in godliness is more important than getting the degree.

7. Understanding and accepting their limits; that they cannot do everything and must learn to make wise choices of what God desires.

8. That they would learn to ask and think through the future ramifications of the choices they make today.

9. That they would forgive and seek forgiveness, releasing to God the vengeance desired and readily admitting wrong committed.

10. That they would worship God in Spirit and truth and lead others to do the same.

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