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Friday, July 27, 2018

13 Reminders

Before school begins soon and I generally like to post some goals that I desire for the students which God allows me to teach, but this year I am changing things just a bit and am listing 13 reminders for me as a teacher:

1. Content and application are two sides of the same coin; teaching is incomplete attempting only one.
2. Skills needed for our ministries must be honed by proper application and practice. "Practice does not make perfect; Correct practice makes perfect." Until we move from understanding the skill to rightly doing the skill we cannot be effective.
3. We teach people, not textbooks; the materials are only a means by which we can share, love and disciple.
4. Respect is earned, not forced. Respect gained by fear leads to avoidance; respect gained by love and trust deepens both. Respect is a two-way street.
5. Anger and impatience are like fire; they can burn and hurt all those around, whether intended or not.
6. The Holy Spirit is the source of creativity; my sensitivity to His working either leads me to join or makes me a hindrance.
7. My response to the students around me must be centered on seeing what God is doing in their lives, not how they respond to me.
8. Fresh study will bring more fruit than simply recycling old notes.
9. The calling and privilege to teach came from God and He has the authority to remove it anytime He pleases.
10. My joy and self-worth come from what God has done through Christ, not from my own efforts. “He who began the good work in me will carry it on until completion until the day of Christ.” [Phil 1:6]
11. We speak the truth in love so that the nature and character of Christ are foremost in all we do and say.
12. My emotional responses are the red flags of warning and caution that can reveal areas in my life which are not consistent with the nature and character of Christ.
13. Becoming wisely transparent about personal weakness and struggles can be a help and encouragement to others as we grow in our sensitivity to our great need and dependence on Christ.
I'm not responsible for trying to convince students how smart I am or how much I know, but to join in what God is doing in their lives through the skills and knowledge He has given me.