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Friday, September 24, 2010

“Not a problem to be fixed, but a paradox to be managed...”

I heard this phrase this past week as I was listening to a speaker on marriage, and although the context was completely different, the application to worship is amazing. Much of what is discussed in worship is treated more as a “problem to be fixed,” but the reality of the situation is that some things will not be “fixed.”

Those who are over 60 will not suddenly become 19 year-olds and neither will those who are 20 wake up and be 75. Yet, these being different are still part of the Body of Christ. The image of the body is a powerful image: many members, different than each other, functioning differently, yet all surrendered under the authority on the Head, which is Christ. The parts of the body are not subject just to the likes and dislikes of any one of its members, that is, the body will not do only what the hand or foot likes to do. Yet, it does share those activities as directed and needed as the Head sees fit. The wisdom lies in learning how to “manage” rather than “fix.”

As long as we maintain a “fix it,” mentality we will keep looking for the magic bullet that solves all our problems. If there were a magic bullet, I believe it would have been discovered long before now. But if we can function as the Body of Christ, that is, different members working in unity under the Head, who is Christ, then I believe we will begin to learn to “manage” rather than “fix.” I believe we need to stop looking for the “magic bullet” and begin to load our tool belts with the skills and wisdom from God to approach the challenges with new light and new hope.

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