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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Did God Make You Smile You Today?

The other day I was waiting for Kathy at school when one of our students came by with his baby son. The proud daddy was showing off his son, and it was obvious that he had spent watching everything that the little one does and especially the things that make him smile. “Watch this, it always makes him smile,” and with a quick move of his hand the baby responded with radiant grin sure to please any parent or grand parent.

As he went on his way, my thoughts turned to our heavenly Father and how He watches and knows us. We are never out of His sight, never out of His care, and never out of the reach of His arms. He even knows what makes us smile. So many sunrises that take my breath away and sunsets that send a peaceful wave of beauty over me, and just maybe God is saying, “made you smile...” Hearing birds sing in the morning, hearing twigs crackle under feet, watching leaves turn colors and fall, feeling a gentle cool breeze in my face, smelling fresh air, and God made me smile again.

Unfortunately, too many times, maybe even most times, I just miss it. The Almighty waves His powerful hand in my direction [not just for me, I know, He does it for everyone], and the wonders are all around. I might even comment, “wow,” or “beautiful,” but stop short of telling the Creator of it all thanks for the beauty of it all. I have a loving Father that knows “my going out and my coming in,” and loves me regardless. I long to be more sensitive to the Father as He moves, to be able to see Him in the faces of those around me and hearing Him in the laughter of a child. There must be thousands of ways I just miss His goodness, though I may not miss its benefits, I just fail to thank Him and tell Him so. 

I think the best thing I can do right now, is just say, “Thank You, Father, for loving a sinful human race enough to die and bring us into a relationship with You, Thank You, Father, for giving us the opportunity to share that love with others, Thank You, Father, for family, for an opportunity to serve You. And Father, thank You for making me smile today!”

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