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Monday, July 12, 2010

Worship and Culture...

•    The “American Idol” worshiper: Performing in church is fun; having everyone applaud after they sing makes them feel good and helps them sell their CDs.
•    The “American Idol” listener: Always in the judges’ seat to see if they measure up to the professionals; bases most of what they hear on whether or not they like it.
•    The “Multitasking” worshiper: Listening to sermon, texting on phone, and talking to those around them.
•    The “Facebook” worshiper: worship is the place to catch up on the latest and see friends.

May God help us realize:
•    that worship centers itself in God and entertainment is measured by how much pleasure it brings the listener.
•    that worship is not about me, but Him.
•    that worship demands our full focus.
•    that priority fellowship is first with the Father.
•    that culture must be subject to worship, and not the other way around.

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