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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Amplified Lord’s Prayer

Our [personal, yet not individualistic; we are members of Your Body]  
Father [a relationship of love, protection, provider, a model]

who is in heaven [cosmic oversight of all creation, and eternity]

hallowed [separate, holy, completely apart from that which is created]

be Your name, [the ways we attempt to explain who You are and the ways You explain Yourself]

Your kingdom come [the full extent of Your reign, rule and dominion come to fruition]

Your will be done [the consummation of Your plan and purpose be completed]

on earth [that Your plan and purposes for eternity be completed here were we live and breathe]

as it is in heaven. [may it be completed here in its fullness in the same way it is there, already]

Give us this day
[we recognize that all we need comes from You and recognize our total dependence on You.]

our daily bread
[our constant physical, emotional, and spiritual needs]

and forgive us our debts
[blot out the penalty and end result of our sin]

as we forgive our debtors [blot out our sin as we also release to God our desire for justice against those who sin against us]

Lead us not into temptation
[don’t leave us to our lower nature that seeks to separate us from Your fellowship]

but deliver us from evil [but redirect us from getting sidetracked along the way]

For Yours is the kingdom [Because You are Lord of lords and King of kings, Ruler over all]

the power [there is no greater power and authority]

and glory
[there is no greater reflection of beauty, greatness and holiness]

forever. [ever, throughout eternity]

Amen. [So be it so, and in faith so it is already

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