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Monday, July 31, 2023

Worship Interest Survey


This fall Kathy & I will be teaching a doctoral seminar in which we will be investigating (by using a survey) what elements of worship are people consider essential to sense that they have worshipped. If you are willing to help me, please complete the survey within the next two weeks  The survey is anonymous. The first part is information about the survey and our research, and a link to the survey follows.  If you have any questions, please let me know. Below is some information and FAQs to answer questions you might have. Thank you for your help!

Study title: Worship Interest Survey

Researchers: Drs. Ed & Kathy Steele, NOBTS DMA Seminar Participants

We’re inviting you to participate in a research study. Participation is completely voluntary. If you agree to participate now, you can change your mind later. There are no negative consequences, whatever you decide.

What is the purpose of this study? We are seeking to understand what elements of worship contribute most to your sense of having worshipped during a worship service.

What will I do?  The survey will take 10-20 minutes to complete. You will answer questions about yourself such as your age, and about the history and frequency of attendance to worship services during your childhood until now. You will be asked to rate various activities that might be included in a worship service to tell us how essential each activity is to you.

Risks Some questions may be personal or upsetting. If you find any of these questions upsetting, feel free to stop the survey.

Other Study Information
Possible benefits: You may become more aware of worship elements and how they impact you.
Estimated number of participants: 350
How long will it take? 10 to 20 minutes
Costs: None
Compensation: None
If I don’t want to be in this study, are there other options? You may simply choose to not complete or turn in the survey.
Future research: The survey does not collect any identifying information, and information identifying your church will be removed.

Data Security
What identifying information will be collected and why?  We will collect the name of your church, city and state, as well as the name of your denomination. This information will help the researchers to better understand the worship experience of the participants.
How long will my data be kept? The individual surveys will be kept electronically until the DMA seminar is completed (December 2023). Then only the compiled information will be retained.
How is data kept secure?   Data is anonymous. We’ll store all electronic data on a password-protected, encrypted computer. We’ll store all paper data only until it is transferred to a digital format.
Who might see my data and why? The researchers, and those involved in analyzation of the data. We plan to share our findings in publications or presentations. You will not be identified by name, nor will your church be identified by name.

For questions about the research, problems, or related issues: 
Dr. Ed Steele: Dr. Kathy Steele: 


If you want to participate in this study, you may now follow the link below to complete the survey. By completing the survey, you consent to participate in this research. Remember, your participation is completely voluntary, and you’re free to withdraw from the study at any time.

Worship Interest Survey            

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