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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Please join me in prayer for the upcoming meeting of the SBC in New Orleans:

Father, we thank You and praise You for Who You are
and for the gracious gift of a relationship with You through Christ Jesus, Your Son.
We pray Jesus’ prayer that we would be “one as He and the Father” are one;
We pray that our agenda would be repentance, brokenness, and weeping for our sins;
We pray that we would not shred the body of Christ in the name of being right while seeking to build power and recognition for ourselves;
We pray that we do would not fight over being “reformed” or not but that we would cry out to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in You and Your Word;
We pray that we would be more concerned about Your glory than “my rights;”
We pray that our tongues would be filled with Your praise and sharing Who You are;
We pray that the world would see Your love so expressed to each other that it would draw them to Your Son;
We pray that You would grant us the boldness to continue to carry Your gospel to the whole world,
for Your glory and Your Honor
In Jesus’ Name

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