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Friday, May 13, 2011

Radical Worship

What is Radical Worship? Is it just a cheap attempt to piggyback on the title of a best selling book? Perhaps, but joking aside, if we were able to see worship from heaven’s viewpoint, I think we might better understand what worship is and is not. I believe that the difference would so great that is would be “radical.”

Radical worship is worship in which we approach God prepared to meet with Him, forgiven, in right relationship with those around us, without hidden motives, without conditions, completely focused on what God wants and Who God is.

Radical worship is not centered around style of music or service, or even about music itself, but around Jesus Christ and Who He is and what He has done. In Radical worship we begin to see the very glory of God, His power, His majesty, His wonder, His might, His wisdom, His acts and miracles in a new light.

Radical worship
does not demand personal preference. In Radical worship we see ourselves for who we really are, sinful, lost, hopeless, except for the grace and love of God through Jesus Christ. In Radical worship, we trust God as our Provider, Protector, and not on our ability to negociate the best deals. In Radical worship, we learn what contentment is.

Radical worship means that we respond to God without conditions or qualifiers. In Radical worship, God does not give us a list of things He wants us to do and we get to choose what we will do or not do. In Radical worship our response is, “Here am I, send me.” In Radical worship we seek opportunities to share the relationship we have with God, so that they may know Him as well.

Radical worship
means that we give up the power plays for position and prominence. In Radical worship there are no back room meetings to decide and control outcomes, or ways to put the best spin on mistakes made. In Radical worship there is an openness and honesty that reflects the nature and character of God.

In Radical worship the Body of Christ functions as a body with one Head, Christ, in unity and coordination, not competition.

My prayer, my goal, is worship that is radical.


  1. Is being loud , u seemingly radical praise

  2. Continued volume 90db and above damage hearing; I think there is a ethical issue in doing something that causes physically harm in the name of worship.

    1. Radical Worship is forgetting about ourselves, who we are, but all about who he is, what he has already done, and doing, and Praise Him, thank him, worship, the I AM, that, I Am, he is GOD, Almighty! Praise Him radically!!!! AMEN, Leisha